Penn State to North Carolina

Answers below

1. Which team held Penn State on four consecutive plays at the goal line to win the Sugar Bowl in 1979?

2. Florida State coach Bobby Bowden pulled the “puntrooskie” to score and beat what team  in 1988?

3. Which USC quarterback   led his team to a 42-point comeback, and threw a 23-yard TD pass with seconds left in the game in 1990 to beat rival UCLA?

4. Who was the BYU QB who beat Missouri in 1983 by catching a halfback pass to win the Holiday Bowl?

5. Ohio State’s Earl Bruce was fired as the Buckeyes’ football coach in 1987 because what team’s quarterback threw a TD pass on fourth and 27 ?




answers – 1. Alabama won 14-7 2. Clemson 3. Todd Marinovich 4. Steve Young 5. Iowa

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