Penn State’s Joe Paterno Stripped of 111 Wins

Answers below

1. Roger Goodell is the present NFL commissioner.  Who were the two men who preceded Goodell?

2. How many teams are there in the Big-Ten Conference?

3. What was the minimum salary for an NFL player in 2012?  a. $290,000 b. $190,000 c. $790,000 d. $390,000

4. Where will Super Bowl XLVII be held on February 3, 2013?

5. When Joe Paterno was stripped of his 111 career wins at Penn State, who became the winningest coach in Division I football history?




answers – 1. Paul Tagliabue & Pete Rozelle 2. 12 3. d 4. Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans 5. Eddie Robinson of Grambling


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