Pete Corey of Fonda Speedway

Growing up, I remember riding up the thruway on saturday nights to Fonda Speedway to watch the stock car races.  It was and still is called the track of champions.  Pete Corey was my favorite driver.  Corey in his yellow “3” was a top dirt track modified star of the 1950s and 1960s.  He was, perhaps, the most popular driver in modified racing’s earlier years.  Corey had a daredevil style of driving, and he was a fierce competitor.  He lost his leg in a 1959 crash at Fonda, but he made a comeback.  Corey even inserted a transistor radio into his prosthesis.  Three-wide passes on the race track were his trademark.  Corey’s success on the race track forced area sportswriters to get away from the popular round ball sports and give auto racing the publicity it deserved.  Corey’s last full season of racing was in 1970, when he won back-to-back features at Albany-Saratoga Speedway on blacktop one night, and at Fonda on the dirt track the following night.  After retiring, he ran his own business, the Crescent Auto Shop.

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