Pete Maravich, Frank Selvy & Rick Barry had Lofty Scoring Averages

At a time when there was no three-point shot, several of the nation’s college basketball players were prolific scorers, and they had lofty  averages.  Among them was “Pistol” Pete Maravich of LSU, who was arguably the greatest college player of all-time.  Maravich averaged an incredible 44.5 points per game.  Many of his shots came from beyond the three-point line.  Another who could really light-it-up was Frank Selvy of Furman, who played back in the 1950s.  Selvy averaged 41.7 points per game in 1954.  Others with lofty averages were:  Billy “The Hill” McGill” of Utah, who bucketed 38.8 points per contest in 1962;  Rick Barry of Miami, who averaged 37.4 points in 1965, and Howard Komives of Bowling Green, who scored at a rate of 36.7 points per game in 1964.

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