Pete Maravich & Oscar Robertson

How much do you know about them?  Answers below

Pete Maravich

1. Where did he play his college basketball?

2. He played college ball for his father.  What was his dad’s name?

3. What was his highest single-game point production as a college player?

4. What was his college career scoring average?  a. 39.8 b. 42.5 c. 44.5

5.  What was his nickname?

Oscar Robertson

1. Where did he play his college ball?

2. What was his NBA career assist total?  a. over 7000 b. over 8000 c. over 9000

3. Besides the Royals, what other NBA team did he play for?

4. Who was the great L.A. guard who was often compared to Robertson?

5. What was Robertson’s his nickname?




answers – Maravich 1. LSU 2. Press 3. 69 4. c 5. Pistol Pete –  Robertson 1. Cincinnati 2. c 3. Milwaukee Bucks 4. Jerry West 5. The Big O

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