Pete Rose on an Escalator

Pete Rose was the player of the decade in the 1970s, and he often was the target of some kidding from people involved with the Reds’ organization.  Broadcaster Joe Nuxhall’s comment was, “I’ll tell you how smart Pete is – When they had the blackout in New York, he was stranded 143 hours on an escalator.”

Teammate Johnny Bench once said, “Sometimes I get so mad at him, I want to shoot him.  He’s got a square jaw and a square head, and both match his personality.  The way he thinks things should be, is the way he has them, period.”

In high school, Pete’s history teacher asked the class to write down the nine greatest Americans, but Rose could think of only eight.  When asked why just eight, Pete replied, “I can’t think of a third baseman.”

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