Peter Brown Just Might Have Been the Best

Glens Falls and the rest of the north country has produced many outstanding pitchers.  Among them were Johnny Podres of World Series fame, Dave Palmer, Dave LaPoint, and Randy St. Clair.  There was another pitcher by the name of Peter Brown who baseball people say just might have been the best of the lot.  Brown pitched for St. Mary’s Academy, and he dueled both Palmer and LaPoint.Though LaPoint and Palmer were pretty much untouchable as high school pitchers, Brown was right up there with them.  Brown had several no-hitters in high school, with one coming against Glens Falls, defeating LaPoint and Palmer in the same game.  He was a southpaw with a high velocity fastball and a curveball that was practically impossible for a highschooler  to hit.  Major league scouts took a good look at the lefty, and he hooked up with the Chicago Cubs.  As a rookie, Brown was superb, and very few hitters were able to lay a bat on his curveball.  Then the nightmare.  Brown heard something pop in his elbow.  He had surgery that did not help, and when he attempted to come back his elbow popped again.  This was followed by a second and then a third surgery.  Needless to say, his major league dream ended well before he got a legitimate chance to prove his capabilities.

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