Phil Simms and the New York Giants

You are now the referee at a tied football game, and due to technical difficulties there is no instant replay to help you out.  What call would you make?  Answer below

The New York Giants have the ball with :03 seconds left on their own 48 yard line in a game against the Washington Redskins.  To give Phil Simms added pass protection, offensive lineman Jim Burt lines up as the tight end.  Simms drops back to pass and all of his primary and secondary receivers are covered, so in desperation he passes the ball to Jim Burt, who catches it, and due to an act of God manages to lumber into the end zone to score the apparent winning touchdown.  But a flag has been thrown on the play.  What is your call?


Answers – Since Jim did not report in to the umpire that he would be lining up as a tight end, as an ineligible receiver, his touchdown will not count, and 60,000 Giant fans now want your head on a silver platter



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