Pitcher Charlie Kirkfield & LSU’s Dale Brown Might Have Toys in the Attic

Pitcher Charlie Kirkfield’s elevator might not go all the way up, and LSU’s Dale Brown just might have had toys in the attic.

Pitcher Charlie Kirkfield – He wore a Jetson’s T-shirt and  loved to have a good time.  After a teammate hit a homerun, he ran from the dugout to give a high five and banged his head on a railing and fell back into the dugout in a large heap.  Another time, he bolted from the dugout to celebrate a save by the pitcher.  Kirkfield flapped his arms like a large predatory bird.  “I’m thinking, look at that idiot,” replied the pitcher Dave Smith.

LSU Basketball Coach Dale Brown – Brown, who coached Shaquille O’Neal at LSU, once held a press conference and knocked Adolph Hitler, mentioned three pole vaulters (Sergei Buble, Joe Dial, and Billy Olson), three planets (Pluto, Venus and Mercury), and two singers (Lou Rawls and Barbra Streisand).  He also said he wouldn’t mind living between East and West Gernmany.  I guess he was trying to make a point.

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