Pro Coaches

Answers below

1. A Providence College grad, he coached the Atlanta Hawks.

2. He coached the Knicks before moving on to Kentucky.

3. He coached the 1970 New York Knick championship team.

4. Coach of the 1972 Dolphins.

5. Minnesota Vikings coach.  He had Tarkenton.

6. 2011-2012 Heat coach.

7. He coached Shaq and Miami to the title.

8. He coached the Pistons to two championships in a row.

9. He coached the ’72 lakers to the title.

10. He led Jets to Super Bowl win with Namath in 1969.




answers 1. Lenny Wilkins 2. Rick Pitino 3. Red Holzman 4. Don Shula 5. Bud Grant 6. Eric Spoelstra 7. Pat Riley 8. Chuck Daley 9. Bill Sharman 10. Weeb Ewbank



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