Pro & College Coaches from Georgetown to Syracuse

Answers below

1. He coached Allen Iverson at Georgetown.

2. The Bud who coached the Minnesota Vikings for many years.

3. This present (2013) Florida basketball coach played for Rick Pitino at Providence.

4. He played basketball for Providence and coached the Hawks in the NBA.

5. Who was the former Indiana Pacers coach who is from French Lick?

6. They called him “Tark the Shark” at UNLV.

7. The Bruins’ Walt Hazzard and Keith Wilkes played for this coach.

8. He coached Buckeye great Archie Griffin.

9. This Bo coach football at Michigan.

10. Who coached both Ernie Davis and Floyd Little at Syracuse?




answers – 1. John Thompson 2. Bud Grant 3. Billy Donovan 4. Lenny Wilkins 5. Larry Bird 6. Jerry Tarkanian 7. John Wooden 8. Woody Hayes 9. Bo Schembechler 10. Ben Schwartzwalder



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