Pro Football Hall of Fame

Answers below

1. He coached Otto in Cleveland.

2. Punishing fullback for Miami.  He went to Syracuse.

3. First he rushed big for Pittsburgh, then for the Cowboys.

4. They called him Pappa Bear.

5. They called him “Crazylegs”.

6. He played at Notre Dame, then for Lombardi in Green Bay.

7. New York Giant linebacker who had some good duels with Jim Taylor.

8. Dallas coaching legend who always wore a hat on the sidelines.

9. New York Giant owner.

10. This lineman named Merlin was not a magician.




answers – 1. Paul Brown 2. Larry Csonka 3. Tony Dorsett 4. George Halas 5. Elroy Hirsch 6. Paul Hornung 7. Sam Huff 8. Tom Landry 9. Wellington Marra 10. Merlin Olson

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