Pugilists Jack, Leon & the Playboy

answers below

1. Who was the Jack who beat Max Schmelling for the heavyweight boxing crown in 1932?

2. It was a record $5 million dollar gate when Ali took on this Leon.

3. The famous long count came in a fight between Jack Dempsey and which other fighter?

4. Who was known as the “Playboy of Pugilism?”

5. Which heavyweight was voted Athlete of the Decade in 1978?

6. Which heavyweight had a sandwich named after him by the New York Stage Delicatessen when he was only 20 years-old?

7. This fighter lost the World Welterweight Title to Fritzie Zivic in 1940 after successfully defending it 20 times.

8. Rocky Marciano retired from the ring in which of the following years?  a. 1954 b. 1955 c. 1956

9. Cassius Clay won the heavyweight gold medal at the Olympic Games in which of the following years?  a. 1960 b. 1964 c. 1968

10. This fighter beat Jake LaMotta for the middleweight crown in 1951.




answers – 1. Jack Sharkey 2. Leon Spinks 3. Gene Tunney 4. Max Baer 5. Ali 5. Mike Tyson 7. Henry Armstrong 8. c 9. a 10. Sugar Ray Robinson

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