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Baseball Quickies

# Roger Maris led the American League in home-runs only once in his career. It was in 1961, the year he cracked a record-breaking 61 four-baggers.

# Rod Carew batted .388 for the Minnesota Twins in 1977.

# Wally Pipp preceded Lou Gehrig at first base for the New York Yankees. Pipp led the American League in HRs in 1916 and 1917.

# Baseball players refer to the hand on which they do not wear a glove as the ”meat hand”.

# The great slugger babe Ruth was the best left handed pitcher in the major leagues with a 23-12 record for the Boston Red Sox in 1916.

# Only two sluggers have ever received over 2,000 bases on balls. They are Babe Ruth who walked 2,056 times, and Ted Williams who drew 2,018 walks.


# In 1957, area theaters were featuring a movie called Fear Strikes Out. It was about the emotional pressure that Boston Red Sox outfielder Jimmy Piersall experienced while he tried to make it in the big leagues. He eventually had a mental breakdown.

# Outfielder Ty Cobb was the first player elected to the Hall of Fame in 1936.

# Tobacco chewing Nellie Fox, a great contact hitter for the Chicago White Sox, set an American League record in 1958 by playing in 98 consecutive games without striking out.

# National League umpire Tom Gorman was laid to rest in his ump uniform with a ball and strike indicator in his hand. The count read 3 and 2.

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