Rattlers, Priests & Cherokees

Which major league team is it?  Answers below

1. They play their home games a mile above sea level.

2. This team does not field nine rattlers.

3. Nine priests they are not.

4. Mama bear must be their manager.

5. Skull & Crossbones

6. Maybe Budweiser gave them their nickname.

7. Does this team field Cherokees, Seminoles, or Creeks?

8. This team can really sting you.

9. This team is as aggressive as the bird which is its nickname.

10. Maybe this team gets its nickname because they play their games close to a body of water.




answers – 1. Colorado Rockies 2. Arizona Diamondbacks 3. San Diego Padres 4. Chicago Cubs 5. Pittsburgh Pirates 6. Milwaukee Brewers 7. Cleveland Indians 8. Tampa Bay Rays 9. Toronto Blue Jays 10. Seattle Mariners

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