Remember “Champ”?

Al Ciampa was a graduate of Columbia University, where he played football and in a Rose Bowl Game.  He later became a teacher with the Schenectady City School District.  Ciampa was a very knowledgeable baseball man who appeared to be gruff but was really a soft man who had a nice way with young people.  He spent many years working with aspiring young ball players at the Schenectady Babe Ruth League on Golf Road in the 1950s.  Highly respected by the 13-15 year-old players, he was known to them as “Champ”.  Ciampa managed or coached several of Schenectady’s All-Star teams which were made up of players like Billy Connors, Jimmy Barbieri, Joey Loudis, and Billy Masucci.  Some of his squads went deep into state and regional competitions.

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