Riley vs. Jabbar

Junior Pat Riley and senior Bob DeLuca each scored 19 points to lead Linton High to a huge upset over powerhouse Power Memorial High School of New York City the 1961-1962 season.  Power Memorial was led by a 6’9″ stringbean of a kid by the name of Lew Alcindor who was only a freshman.  Alcindor was held to 9 points.  Two years later, Alcindor and his teammates returned to the Electric City and Alcindor, now 6’10” and much stronger, single-handedly manhandled a solid Linton team.  His point production, rebounds and blocked shots were worth 100 points.  Rusty Vitallo, Paul Heiner and Phil Tama were the blue devil standouts. After graduating from high school, Alcindor played for John Wooden at UCLA, and the Bruins dominated college basketball.  Alcindor later became known as Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and he led the Los Angeles Lakers to four NBA titles in the 1980s.  Pat Riley, by the way, was the Laker coach.

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