Ring Kings | Boxing Trivia Questions and Answers

The answers to the following Kings of The Boxing Ring Trivia are at the bottom of this post.

1. The movie Raging Bull was about him.

2. They called him the wild bull of the Pampas.

3. This fighter beat Sugar Ray Robinson in 15 rounds.

4. Who did Sugar Ray Robinson beat to win the middleweight crown in 1951?

5. Who did Joe Louis beat to become the heavyweight champ?

6. As a middleweight , this fighter won his first 13 fights.

7. They called him “Kid”.

8. Which fighter became the heavyweight champion at the age of 21?

9. The famous long count fight was between Jack Dempsey and ____.

10. Who won the Thrilla in Manila?

Answers to Kings of The Boxing Ring Trivia

answers – 1. Jake LaMotta 2. Louis Firpo 3. Randy Turpin 4. Jake LaMotta 5. Jim Braddock 6. Archie Moore 7. Kid Gavilan 8. Mike Tyson 9. Gene Tunney 10. Muhammad Ali

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