Rocky Colavito to Honus Wagner

Rocky Colavito –  Colavito, who  played in a Game at McNearney Stadium in Schenectady and was known as a power hitter (374 career homeruns), also pitched two games in 1958.

Alvin Dark – He was the very skilled shortstop for the New York Giants when they beat the Cleveland Indians in the 1954 World Series.  It was a time when Schenectady baseball fans were sky-high after Schenectady had won the Little League World Series that summer.

Dusty Rhodes – Rhodes was the hitting sensation for the Giants in that series.  Johny Antonelli, who once owned a tire store on Mohawk Avenue in Scotia , was the Giants’ peerless pitcher with a 0.84 ERA in that series.

Jimmy Piersall – He once hit a homerun and ran around the bases backwards. Another time, he was batting against the Yankees with Yogi Berra behind the plate.  Berra was complaining about a pitch that the umpire called a ball instead of a strike, and Piersall headed to the dugout and came back out to the plate and handed Berra a crying towel.  My father saw it happen.

Joe Nuxhall – He was just 15 years-old in 1944, when he pitched part of an inning for Cincinnati.

Honus Wagner – Are there any Schenectadians around who ever saw him play?  Maybe not. 1917 was his last season with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He was a fabulous hitter, and he led the majors in batting 8 times.

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