Roger Staubach, Bill Russell & Others

Answers below

1. Who was the little dynamo who lit it up for the Niagara University basketball team and also twirled the baton at halftime of the Purple Eagles’  home football games?

2. The chant was “Who’s the best, it’s ______  ______.”  He was a basketball All-American for the Mountaineers.

3. Who was the Syracuse Heisman Trophy winner in 1961?

4. Which Ohio State running back won the Heisman two years in a row?

5. The 1955 Heisman winner was also from Ohio State.  They called him “Hopalong.”

6. Navy’s Roger Staubach won the Heisman in 1963.  Which Midshipman won it in 1960?

7. What number did Willie Mays wear?

8. What was Bill Russell’s number?

9. What was Wilt Chamberlain’s highest single-game point production?

10. How many homeruns did Mickey Mantle hit?




answers – 1. Calvin Murphy 2. Jerry West 3. Ernie Davis 4. Archie Griffin 5. Howard Cassidy 6. Joe Bellino 7. 24 8. 6 9. 100 10. 536



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