Saltwater & Freshwater Fish

Which species of fish is it?

1. What is the species of tuna that begins with the letter “A” ?

2. What is the species of bass that loves a rocky bottom and lower water temperatures.  A great fighter that often breaks water.

3. A great eating fish that is called the poor man’s lobster.  Jig for them.

4. What is the biggest species of trout?

5. The tiger variety of this fish  will give you quite a battle. The largest one caught weighed over 50 pounds.

6. Much larger than the bullhead, there are white channel, and flathead varieties of this fish.

7. The thresher is a variety of this saltwater fish.

8. Not as big as the northern pike, the chain is a variety of this fish.

9. Some call this freshwater species a strawberry bass.

10. Chinook and coho are varieties of this fish.




answers – 1. Albacore 2. Smallmouth 3. Walleye pike 4. Lake 5. Muskellunge 6. Catfish 7. Shark 8. Pickerel 9. Crappie 10. Salmon

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