Sam Perkins to Ken Strube

True or False – Answers below

1. Sam Perkins played for North Carolina State.

2. Julius Girmindl coached Cobleskill.

3. Ticky Burden played for the Boston Celtics.

4. Justice Smith played for Amsterdam, then Boston College.

5. Chad Dukes played for Guilderland.

6. Bill Scanlon coached Shenendehowa.

7. Art Allen was a state high hurdle champ.

8. Gale Knull went to St. Lawrence University.

9. Armand Reo played for Notre Dame.

10. Ken Strube was the Burnt Hills girls’ basketball coach.




answers – 1. False (North Carolina) 2. True 3. False (the Knicks) 4. True 5. False (Colonie) 6. True (and Union College) 7. False 8. True 9. True 10. False (Shenendehowa)

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