Saratoga Raceway | History | Operating Since 1941

Saratoga Raceway has been operating since 1941. It is situated just down the road from the racecourse. It was the third track ever to have pari-mutual betting, and still is considered to be the most beautiful half-mile track in the nation.

Saratoga Raceway Automobile Racing Milestones

  • Some track milestones are: No racing due to wartime restrictions (1943)
  • New double-deck clubhouse completed (1946);
  • A major track fire killed 23 horses (1949)
  • First spring meet scheduled (1951)
  • Mobile starting gait made debut (1953)
  • Nine race programs started (1955)
  • Ernest B. Morris elected third track president (1963) Closed circuit TV installed (1964)
  • Nevele Pride set the fastest race mile ever on a half-mile track for trotters (1:56.4) in 1969
  • All-time attendance mark set (14,200) in 1971;
  • Jimmy Allen set the track record for starts with 1,003 (1973)
  • New children’s playground made debut on Memorial Day (1975)
  • 1977, the first triple dead-heat for show was posted. Jean Paul Morel became the first driver to score six wins in one night , and Kim Crawford, at the age of 22, became the youngest driver ever to register 100 wins in one season.
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