Schenectady County True or False

True or False – Answers below

1. Larry Mulvaney once coached Haverill High School in Massachusetts.

2. Dom Denio once coached the Cardinal McCloskey football team.

3. Bill Eddy, the former Mont Pleasant multi-sport coach, once was the director of the Schenectady city parks.

4. Dick McGuire was the Scotia basketball coach in 1962.

5. Jack Goldthwaite was a basketball star at Schalmont.

6. Tom Howley coached basketball at St. Columba’s and Niskayuna.

7. The nickame of Mohonasen is the Mighty Warriors.

8. Thje nickname of Niskayuna is the Warriors.

9. Billy Kirvin coached the Bishop Gibbons basketball team.

10. Dave Bleau was the head basketball coach at Scotia High in 1976.




answers – 1. False (Agawam) 2. False (LaSalle) 3. True 4. False (Football) 5. False (Mohonasen) 6. True 7. True 8. False (Silver Warriors) 9. True 10. False (Mont Pleasant)


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