Schenectady Little League Wins World Series

Schenectady Little League defeated Colton, California 7-5 to win the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA in 1954.  There were 14 players on the squad which was managed by Mike Maietta.  Schenectady beat Sound View, Bronx 6-0 to qualify for the World Series.  In Williamsport they beat Lakeland, Florida, 16-0 in the quarterfinals.  Boog Powell, who later played for the Baltimore Orioles, was a member of the Lakeland squad.  Schenectady defeated Masontown, Pennsylvania 5-3 in the second round to advance to the final game.  Kenny Hubbs, a superb infielder and power-hitter, who went on to play major league ball, was the star of the Colton team that Schenectady beat in the final game.  Schenectady did not give up a single run for 38 consecutive innings on their journey to the title.  The members of the team were  Jim Barbieri, Marty Dwore, Billy Connors, Chuck Caputo, Ernie Lotano, Billy Masucci, Joey Loudis, Chuck Neidel, Mike Rakvica, Fred Riggi, Jack Scirocco, Johnny Palmer, Pete Fennicks, and Joe Kazmar.  Manager Maietta managed Schenectady Little League All-Star teams for four decades, and he took three teams to the World Series.  His 1953 squad was beaten by Birmingham, Alabama in the final game in 1953, and his 1959 team finished third.  During his tenure as the Schenectady manager, Maietta won 13 district titles, 8 sectional championships, 6 state titles, and 3 regional titles.  After winning the title in 1954, the team was honored at a dinner which was held at the DeWitt Clinton Hotel, and Philadelphia Hall of Famer Al Simmons was the guest speaker.  They also received telegrams from Pee Wee Reese, Stan Musial and Ralph Kiner.  Broadcaster Mel Allen did the national radio play-by-play of the final game in 1954, and Red Barber did the final game play-by-play in 1953.  The team also appeared on national TV shows.  The Dave Garroway show was among them.


Can you answer these questions about the above passage?

Answers below

1. Who managed the Schenectady Little League teams?

2. Who did Schenectady beat to move on to Williamsport?

3. Which future Baltimore Oriole played for Lakeland, Florida?

4. Who did Schenectady beat in the ’54 final game.?

5. Which future Chicago Cub player played for this team?

6. Who beat Schenectady in the ’53 final?

7. Who was the guest speaker at the Dewitt-Clinton Hotel dinner?

8. Who did the play-by-play for the ’54 final game?

9. Who did the play-by-play for the ’53 final game?

10. They were guest’s on who’s show?




answers – 1. Mike Maietta 2. Sound View, Bronx 3. Boog Powell 4. Colton, California 5. Kenny Hubbs 6. Birmingham, Alabama 7. Al Simmons 8. Mel Allen 9. Red Barber 10. Dave Garroway

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