Scottie, Clyde & More!

Name my teammate – Answers below

1. “My name is Michael, and our Bulls would not have been  that great without my teammate Scottie.  What was his last name?”

2. “I’m Don Zimmer, and I played for the Amazing New York Mets in 1962.  This  teammate of mine played first base and later became a manager.  Who was he?”

3. “I’m Larry, and I played basketball in Boston.  My teammate Kevin played a key role on our very competitive  teams of the 1980s.   What was his last name?”

4. “I’m Jerry Lucas, and I played basketball for Ohio State.  One of my teammates in Columbus went on to become one of the greatest college coaches of all-time.  Who is he?”

5.” I’m Yogi of the Yankees.  My teammate set a record for scoreless innings pitched in World Series play in 1961.  Who was he?”

6. “I’m Talented Ted of Boston.  My teammate had the same last name as number 5 of the Yankees.  Who was he?”

7. “I’m a tall drink of water named Manute.  My NBA teammate was only 5’3″.  Who was he?”

8. “They called me the “Fridge” in Chicago.  My teammate , a great running back, was called “Sweetness”.  Who was he? 

9. “Hi, I’m Sandy.  I was a great southpaw pitcher for the Dodgers, and I thought my teammate Don was every bit as good as I was.  What was his last name?”

10. They called me “Clyde” in New York.  I would say that our Knicks teams would not have been nearly as successful in the playoffs without the sterling play of our big southpaw center.  Who was he?”




answers – 1. Pippen 2. Gil Hodges 3. McHale 4. Bobby Knight 5. Whitey Ford 6. Dom DiMaggio 7. Muggsy Bogues 8. Walter Payton 9. Drysdale 10. Willis Reed

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