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Join Mikey and discuss his hometown sports moments from Schenectady, NY. Linton High School, Union college and more.

Former Linton High two-sport star (1964) Rusty Vitallo pitched for the Jaycee Little League in 1958 and the people in Williamsport, PA, home of the LL World Series, said he was the fastest little league pitcher they had ever seen. Vitallo was a good 6′ tall and he overwelmed batters. His catcher was a kid named Rosetti, and I think he went home with a black and blue mitt hand after games. Vitallo played in the Oakland A’s organization, and at one point he roomed with Vida Blue in the minors.

In 1968, the Schenectady Schaefer Brewers, a pro basketball team, beat the Cal-Vics of Troy, PA. 194-142. The Cal-Vics were previously undefeated. Here is the incredible scoring breakdown for the Brewers. Barry Kramer 38, Dave Bleau 30, Joe Geiger and Bill Telasky 28 each, Armand Reo 26, and Chuck Richards 24. In another game, the diminutive Calvin Murphy of Niagara bucketed 73 points against the Brewers. Murphy twirled the baton at halftime of the Niagara football games.

He said it – Al DeSantis, a sportswriter for the Schenectady Union Star, once said the Petey Virgin, “has the manners of a rattlesnake with a hangover in the ring, but he’s a nice kid out of the ring.” Virgin at one time ranked among the top ten featherweights in the world, fought on the undercard the night Marty Servo knocked out Freddy Cochran at Madison Square Garden for the World Welterweight title in 1946.