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Join Mikey and discuss his hometown sports moments from Schenectady, NY. Linton High School, Union college and more.

Digger Phelps was the Maestro Who Orchestrated Rider’s Upset of Barry Kramer & NYU

Digger Phelps, a volunteer assistant at Rider College, put together the defense that stymied New York University in Rider College’s David slews Goliath 66-63 win over Schenectady’s Barry Kramer & the Violets in 1964. It was the Digger Phelps who went on to eventually take over the Notre Dame program, where he had great success for two decades.

Schenectady’s Central Park a Sports Hotspot

I drive through Schenectady’s Central Park quite often, and on any given springtime day, there is an abundance of sports activity in every nook and cranny of this beautiful park. Cricket, baseball games on two different fields, a soccer game and a baseball game on Golf Road, as well as a large number of aspiring young basketball players competing on the basketball courts. If any room remains, a small group of people can be found flying remote control helicopters in the wide open field area. You may even find young Anglers looking for their lunker catch while fishing the pond.

Tony Rossi is Also a Great Guy

I had the opportunity to play second base beside Shortstop Tony Rossi in both Little League and Babe Ruth League.  He was the consummate player.  Rossi could hit, field, run the bases, and he was a team leader.  A great guy and fun to be around, Rossi, the Siena College baseball coach for 47 years, set a record recently with his 832nd win.  He is now the all-time winningest coach in any sport in MAAC history.  Congratulations Tony!

Wrestlers Jeff Blatnick & Nick Gwiazdowski Rank Right at or Very Near the Top of the List

Wrestling is very often treated like a second-rate citizen when compared to sports like basketball, football and baseball.  Olympic gold medal winner Jeff Blatnick and three-time college heavyweight champion Nick Gwiazdowski, however,  are two wrestlers who have got to rank right up near or at the top of the list of the greatest athletes ever to come out of the Capital Region.  Right there with the Barry Kramers, Ernie Stautners, Pat Rileys, Jimmer Fredettes,  John Ceruttis, Shereesha Richards, etc.