Syracuse Basketball Trivia

Answers below

1. Name the only school that SU has defeated 100 times.

2. Who holds the record for the most points by an opposing player in a game (68).

3. Who is the Syracuse career blocked shot leader with 327?

4. Who has the record for most rebounds in a single game against SU (25)?

5. What Syracuse player holds the record for most rebounds in a season by a sophomore?

7. Dave Bing holds the highest scoring average for a season as an Orangemen with a 28.4 per game average the 1965-66 season.  Who holds the record for highest average in the 1980s (18.4)?

8. Besides Bing (794), only one other player scored over 700 points in a season.  Who was that player?

9. What team did SU defeat in order to advance past the second round of the 1987 NCAA Tournament and into the sweet sixteen on their way to the finals?




answers –  1. Colgate 2. Calvin Murphy of Niagara in 1968 3. Roosevelt Bouie 4. Julius Erving 5. Dave Bing 6. Derrick Coleman 384 7. Rafael Addison 8. Rudy Hackett – 709 9. Western Kentucky

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