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Willie Davis, Curt Flood & Babe Ruth Were the Goats

Willie Davis – The Los Angeles Dodgers centerfielder made three errors in one inning of the second game of the 1966 World Series.  The Baltimore Orioles won the game and went on to sweep the series.  Two of Davis’s errors were on fly balls he lost in the sun, and the other was a wild throw to third base.

Curt Flood – In game seven of the 1968 World Series, the St. Louis centerfielder misjudged a ball hit to him in the seventh inning.  The miscue helped propel the Detroit Tigers to the series title.  With two Tigers on base, Flood ran in on a fly ball which sailed over his head and both runners scored.  Detroit won the game 4 to 1. Continue reading Willie Davis, Curt Flood & Babe Ruth Were the Goats

The Georgia Peach

Ty Cobb is rated by many baseball experts to be the greatest offensive baseball player of all-time.  He began his major league career in 1905 as an outfielder for the Detroit Tigers.  Cobb played for Detroit 22 years and spent two seasons with the Philadelphia Athletics.  Cobb amassed more records than any player.  His career batting average of .367 is the best, and in 1911 he hit an incredible .420. Continue reading The Georgia Peach