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Which Sport Did They Play?

Answers below

1. In which sport did Dick Button compete?

2. In which sport did Amy Alcott compete?

3. Pat Bradley competed in the sport of ___.

4. Mel Ott was a ____ player.

5. Frankie Frisch played the sport of____.

6. Billy Hartack was a ____.

7. Eric Heiden was an Olympian who competed in which sport?

8. Jim Jeffries competed in the sport of ____.

9. Roosevelt Grier competed in the sport of ____.

10. Billy Haughton competed in which sport?




answers – 1. figure-skating 2. Golf 3. Golf 4. Baseball 5. Baseball 6. Jockey 7. Speed-skating 8. Boxing 9. Football 10. Harness Racing

Jack Johnson Beats Jim Jeffries

Jack Johnson successfully defended his heavyweight boxing title on July 4, 1910 by knocking out Jim Jeffries in the 15th round.  Following the fight, several cities forbid the showing of the tapes of the bout because of some uprisings and ten deaths after the black champion champion won.  The deaths were in the cities of Baltimore, Atlanta, St. louis, Cincinnati, and Washington.