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A .388 Hitter, 2,000 Bases on Balls & The Mayor of Detroit

answers below

1. Who batted .388 in 1977?

2. Only two players have ever received over, 2,000 bases on balls.  Babe Ruth was one.  Who was the other?

3. The movie “Fear Strikes Out” was about which Boston Red Sox ouitfielder?

4. Who was the coach of City College of New York when they won both the NCAA and NIT championships in one year?  a. Claire Bee b. Joe Lapchick c. Nat Holman

5. Where did Walt “Clyde” Frazier play his college basketball?

6. Who held the world heavyweight title the longest? Continue reading A .388 Hitter, 2,000 Bases on Balls & The Mayor of Detroit

Joe Lapchick to John Calipari


Which college or university am I referring to?  Answers below

1. Joe Lapchick was their basketball coach at one time.

2. Ray Allen played hoop for them.

3. Bellino won the Heisman playing football for them.

4. Lorenzo Charles was part of their huge upset in the NCAA Tournament.

5. Duffy D. was their football coach many decades ago.

6. This Maryland school is a perennial lacrosse powerhouse. Continue reading Joe Lapchick to John Calipari