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Who Were Their College Basketball Coaches?

Answers below

1. Butch Lee

2. Quinn Buckner

3. Ray Allen

4. Derrick Coleman

5. Jamaal Wilkes

6. Allen Iverson

7. Magic Johnson

8. Sam Perkins

9. Louie Dampier

10. Shaquille O’Neal




answers 1. Al McGuire 2. Bobby Knight 3. Jim Calhoun 4. Jim Boeheim 5. John Wooden 6. John Thompson 7. Judd Heathcoate 9. Adolph Rupp 10. Dale Brown

Patrick Ewing Leads Georgetown

Patrick Ewing and coach John Thompson led the Georgetown Hoyas over Akeem Olajuwon in the NCAA final game in 1984.  The Hoyas’ 84-75 win over the Houston Cougars gave them their first-ever title.  Ewing and Olajuwon battled to a standoff, but Michael Graham and a deep Georgetown bench made the difference.  Continue reading Patrick Ewing Leads Georgetown