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Schenectady to Belmont Park

In the 1980s, many Schenectady racing fans made the trip downstate to Belmont Park  to either work or watch the Belmont Stakes. The four winners from 1982 to 1985 were trained by the great Woody Stephens.  Conquistador Cielo, Caveat and Swale, all ridden by Laffit Pincay were the winners in ’82, ’83’ and ’84, and Creme Fraiche, with Eddie Maple in the irons, won it in ’85.

Jockey Unscrambles

Answers below

1. RECODOR – He wasn’t exactly an angel.

2. THRAACKT – They called him Willie or Billy.

3. NGLONED – He had a long list of wins.

4. NPAIYC – I wouldn’t laugh at his number of wins.

5. CYZAA – Got ’em goin’ in the sprints.  Especially at 6 furlongs.

6. HTSMI – Seldom called Michael.

7. MKAREHSEO – A cobbler he was not.

8. RCAAOR – Took two Triple Crowns.

9. NEUACHT – He wouldn’t let Alydar by in the Triple Crown races.

10. LEVSAQZEU – One brother is named Johhny.




answers 1. Cordero (Angel) 2. Hartack (Bill or Willie) 3. Longden (Johnny) 4. Pincay (Laffit) 5. Ycaza (Manuel) 6. Smith (Mike) 7. Shoemaker (Willie or Bill) 8. Arcaro (Eddie) 9. Cauthen (Steve) 10. Velasquez