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Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman at Madison Square Garden

Over the years, many basketball fans from the Capital Region have made the trip to New York City to see the Knicks play at Madison Square Garden.  These days, with the Knicks having a solid team, more and more hoop fans are making the trip.  When you are at the Garden, you will see a  courtside section that has been made available for the celebrities who love to cheer for the Knicks.  Continue reading Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman at Madison Square Garden

Garden Glamour

The New York Knicks like the Los Angeles Lakers and perhaps other NBA teams has had alot of celebrities attend their games over the years, and a courtside a section was always available for the stars.  Among those who were avid and diehard Knick fans were Melanie Griffith, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Brokaw, Bill Cosby, Smokey Robinson, and Connie Chung.  At the garden, the players are introduced with a spotlight shining on them, and on the scorboard screen a music video is shown and the rap song Go New York, Go New York, Go New York Go is blaring.