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Let’s Play Hardball

Answers below


1. Who led the majors in homeruns 6 times?

2. Who led the majors in batting average 12 times?

3. Who led the majors in batting average 11 times?

4. Who led the majors in RBI’s 6 times?

5. Who was the maverick owner of the Kansas City Royals?

6. There were brothers Matty and Jesus Alou.  Who was the third brother?

7. What was Tony Conigliaro’s brother’s name?

8. Willie Mays made the great over the shoulder catch in the ’54 World Series off the bat of which Cleveland hitter?

9. Which Pittsburgh Pirate player hit the homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning in 1960 to beat the New York Yankees in the World Series?

10. Who was the first player to belt two grand slams in one game?




answers – 1. Ted Williams 2. Ty Cobb 3. Babe Ruth 4. Babe Ruth 5. Charlie Finley 6. Felipe 7. Billy 8. Vic Wertz 9. Bill Mazeroski 10. Tony Lazzeri