David Modest, the Linton High School basketball whiz of the early 1970s, who was scholarshipped by Providence College, died in a fire near Plattsburgh, New York;  Carmen Pantalone, 17, of Notre Dame Street, who played guard for the Mont Pleasant football team, died from leukemia in the early 1950s;  One of Schenectady’s top amateur boxers, 19 year-old Freddie O’Neal, was killed in an automobile accident in Providence, Rhode Island in the 1950s;  Scott Lenahan, a young and very talented basketball player for Central Park Junior High School in 1959, had a leg amputated.  And trainer Al Weill gave ex-welterweight champ, Marty Servo, $650 to pay for his lung tumor operation in Pueblo, Colorado.  Pueblo is where Servo passed away in 1969.

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