Tennessee High School Sets Record with 138 Consecutive losses

Tennessee’s Friendsville Academy High School basketball team lost 138 consecutive games from 1967 to 1973 to set a national record.  They lost one game 71-0 and another in a low-scoring shootout, 2 to 0.  That game was won by a Friendship player for the opposing team, when he shot the ball into the wrong hoop (shades of wrongway Corrigan).  The coach named one player, a player who had never scored a single point, the team’s MVP in 1970.  A reporter questioned the coach about his selection, and he replied, “You don’t think scoring is everything do you?”  The conversation with the reporter continued, and the reporter asked, “Is there anything this team does well?”  “Not really,” replied the coach.  “Are you making progress?”  “I couldn’t truthfully say that we are.”  “Do you like coaching?”  “I don’t care that much for basketball.”

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