The 1955-56 Nott Terrace Powerhouse

NottTerrace/Syracuse basketball star Tom Mossey will be inducted into the Schenectady City School District Athletic Hall of Fame on Monday night, September 21.  He was a member of the 1955-56 Nott Terrace basketball team that had a trio of stars (Mossey, Ducky Castelle & Murray Melton).  This triumvirate made them, arguably, the best Nott Terrace team of all-time.  But from what I’ve been hearing, Frankie DeSarbo, a guard on that squad, was the catalyst, the engine, the guy who made the team go.  DeSarbo was also a crunch-time player, the kid you’d want on your side when the going was toughest.  Jim Maloney was the other starter and a very solid rebounder. The Blue Devils were 18-1, with their only defeat  coming at the hands of Binghamton Central, a team they defeated by a lopsided margin later that season.

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