The Bambino Babe Ruth & Roger Maris

Babe Ruth Pointing the Way – The Babe came to bat in the fifth inning of the third game of the World Series against the Chicago Cubs.  The opposing pitcher was Charlie Root, and the score was tied at 4-4.  With the count 2-2, the Bambino pointed to the fence to let the crowd know that he would hit the next pitch out of the park.  His cockiness brought a great deal of hooting and howling from the crowd.  Then, on the next pitch, he electrified the crowd by sending the ball over the centerfield wall, right in the spot where Ruth seemed to be pointing.

Roger Maris Hammers No. 61 – On October 1, 1961, Roger Maris hit his 61st homerun in the last game of the season off Boston Red Sox pitcher Tracy Stallard.  It was one more HR than Babe Ruth had hit in 1927, and a record many old-timers had hoped would never be broken.  Maris accomplished his feat in 162 games, while Ruth cracked 60 homeruns in only 154.  It was ruled that the difference in the number of games played had to be shown in the record book.

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