The Brockton Rock

Rocky Marciano fought 49 fights and had 49 wins.  He is the only world champion to complete his career undefeated.  At 5’10”, 185 pounds, the Brockton Rock was smaller and slower than most heavyweights, but his power, desire and ability to take a punch made him a great ring warrior.  A win over former heavyweight champ Joe Louis led to Marciano’s title bout with Jersey Joe Walcott.  Marciano won the fight on a 13th round KO in 1952.  In the last fight of his career,  the Brockton Rock dropped light-heavyweight champion Archie Moore three times on his way to a ninth-round knockout.  Back pain forced Marciano to retire, and he died tragically in a plane crash on August 31,  1969.  His death came one day before his 46th birthday.

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