The Brown Bomber to The Bayou Bengals

Answers below

1. Who did Joe Louis lose to when he attempted a comeback in 1950?

2. Who was the Notre Dame football coach who died in a plane crash in 1931?

3. The USSR Olympic basketball team beat the United States in what year?  a. 1968  b. 1972  c. 1976

4. Who did the Mets beat to win the 1969 World Series?

5. Who upset Native Dancer in the 1953 Kentucky Derby?

6. Who was the 40-1 longshot who beat Mike Tyson in 1990?

7. Who was the Cornell running back that Pat Sullivan beat out for the Heisman Trophy in 1971?

8. Who was the scrambler who played for Navy and won the Heisman in 1963?

9. Who was the golfer from Latrobe who won the Masters in 1959 and 1960?

9. Which college football team is called the Bayou Bengals?




answers – 1. Ezzard Charles 2. Knute Rockne 3. b 4. Baltimore Orioles 5. Dark Star 6. Buster Douglas 7. Ed Marinaro 8. Roger Stauback 9. Arnold Palmer 10. LSU

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