The Capital Disrict Baseball Hall of Fame

Rene M. LeRoux, the Executive Director, and his staff, should be commended for the great job they do with the Capital District Baseball Hall of Fame.  Other memberds of that committee are Bob Pezzano (who also is an integral part of the Schenectady City School District Athletic Hall of Fame committee), Dom Reo, Mike Lilac, and Joey Loudis.  There will be a change to the name and the organization itself.  All of New York State will now be included, and it will be known as the New York State Baseball Hall of Fame.  Members will be selected from a pool of baseball players, managers, umpires, and executives  who were born in New York and have lived in the state for a significant number of years.  The new Hall of Fame will be broken down into three regions:  downstate, western New York and upstate. Home of thHall of Fame will be in the Capital District.  The plan, which will hopefully come to fruition, is to have an exhibit at the home of the Tri City Valley Cats.  It will be a portable exhibit which could be moved  and displayed in Syracuse, Buffalo, and locations downstate.

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