The Commodores of the South to the Father-Son Coaching Combo

Which College or University is it?  Answers below

1. The Commodores of the south.

2. Shaq was one of their great players.

3. Denny Crum once coached this Cardinals basketball team.

4. Their crosstown rival is USC.

5. Is this university located near Crater Lake?

6. “Spud” Webb played there in 1984.

7. Chapel Hill here we come!

8. The Razorbacks.

9. Big Ralph Sampson was their three-time Player-of-the-Year.

10. Father and son both coached this D.C. university.




answers – 1. Vanderbilt 2. LSU 3. Louisville 4. UCLA 5. Oregon 6. North Carolina State 7. North Carolina 8. Arkansas 9. Virginia 10. Georgetown

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