The Doctor of Dunk to Allie Sherman

Answers below

1. Which Louisville basketball player was known as ‘The Doctor of Dunk?”

2. Which college basketball team did Austin Carr play for?

3. Which horse battled Affirmed down the stretch in all three legs of the Triple Crown, but never beat Affirmed.

4. Which jockey rode Triple Crown winner Whirlaway?

5. Who did Muhammad Ali beat for the heavyweight title?

6. Tony Dorsett played football for which college?

7. Who coached the Boston Celtics in the early 1960s?

8. Which baseball team did Earl Weaver manage?

9. Which NFL team did Bud Grant coach?

10, Which NFL team did Allie Sherman coach?




answers – 1. Darrell Griffith 2. Notre Dame 3. Alydar 4. Eddie Arcaro 5. Sonny Liston 6. Pittsburgh 7. Red Auerbach 8. Baltimore Orioles 9. Minnesota Vikings 10. New York Giants


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