Bob McAdoo, Bobby Knight & Fort McHenry

The East Coast – Answers  Below

1. The star of this now defunct NBA team was Bob McAdoo.

2. The Friars

3. Fort McHenry is not far from this American League Central Division team’s stadium.

4. Bobby Knight coached coach K there.

5. Maynard caught many passes for this NFL team during the 1968-69 season.

6. Bob Cousy was the basketball coach of this Beacon Hill school at one time.

7. Its monster is not all that far from home plate.

8. With two Roosevelts on the line and Y.A.  and Charlie at quarterback, this NFL team was very competitive.

9. Joe Gordon played for them.

10. Jason Kidd ended his career playing for them.




Answers – 1. Buffalo Braves 2. Providence 3. Baltimore Orioles 4. Army 5. N.Y. Jets 6. Boston College 7. Fenway Park 8. N.Y. Giants 9. N.Y. Yankees 10. N.Y. Knicks

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