The Elmira Train, A Perfect Game, & A 17-1 Longshot

Answers below

1. Where did Tony Dorsett play his college football?

2. Which great Syracuse running back was known as the Elmira Train?

3. Where did Danny Manning play his college basketball?

4. Who won both the pentathlon and Decathlon at the Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden in 1912?

5. What year did Don Larsen pitch his perfect World Series game?

6. Who was the opposing team?

7. Who defeated Man O’ War by a half length for “Big Red’s ” only loss in 21 races?

8. Who knocked Jack Dempsey out of the ring at the Polo Grounds in New York?

9. Who was the Randy who beat Sugar Ray Robinson in 15 rounds for the middleweight crown in 1951?  It was only Robinson’s second loss in an 11-year career.

10. Who was the 17-1 longshot who won the Kentucky Derby in 1986 with 54 year-old jockey Willie Shoemaker in the irons?




answers – 1. Pittsburgh 2. Ernie Davis 3. Kansas 4. Jim Thorpe 5. 1956 6. Brooklyn Dodgers 7. Upset 8. Luis Firpo 9. Randy Turpin 10. Ferdinand


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