The Hail Mary Pass, Kenny Norton & the Commodores

Answers below

1. To which conference does St. John’s University belong?

2. To which conference does North Carolina belong?

3. Who beat Kenny Norton in a decision for the heavyweight boxing title in 1978?

4. Which heavyweight fighter was called “Two Ton?”

5. Who was the youngest fighter to win the heavyweight title (19 years old)?

6. What is the Nickname of Manhattan College?

7. Which College team is nicknamed the Commodores?

8. Mel Ott competed in what sport?

9. What number did Joe DiMaggio wear?

10. Who threw the Hail Mary pass for Boston College to beat Miami in the Orange Bowl in 1984?




answers – 1. Big East 2. Atlantic Coast 3. Larry Holmes 4. Tony Galento 5. Mike Tyson 6. The Jaspers 7. Vanderbilt 8. Baseball 9. 5 10. Doug Flutie


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