The Heiner Brothers: Karl & Paul

Brothers Karl and Paul Heiner both played for Linton.  Karl played  the 1960-61 season.  He was a crunch-time player and very good at making the right decisions on the basketball floor.  He hit a jumpshot with just a few ticks left on the clock to extend the Blue Devil’s win streak that eventually ended at a record-tying 46-straight.  Karl spent his college days at Bucknell and later became a college professor.  I believe statistics are his thing.  He is somewhere around 69 years-old and still participating in fullcourt basketball games.  Paul was one of the top players on Linton’s 1963-64 team.  He could leap and shoot, and he played the game very aggressively.  Paul went on to West Point where he played for Bobby Knight for a while, then on to Plattsburgh.  Paul is a successful business man and a very giving person.  Their father was a pretty darn good player for Mont Pleasant decades and decades ago.

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