The Horrible New York Mets of 1962

Many Schenectady County baseball fans hopped aboard and rooted for the New York Mets when they became a member of the National League in 1962.  Known as the Amazing Mets, the new  NL franchise had a horrible first year.  Many of you might remember that they had a 40-120 record.  It was the appeal of the older stars that drew a large following of Schenectady fans.  Casey Stengel was the manager, and Gil Hodges was one of their top players.  Richie Ashburn was also on that team.  Some of their more dismal performances came from pitcher  Craig Anderson and third baseman Don Zimmer.  Anderson had a 16-game losing streak, and Zimmer an 0-34 hitting slump.  Weak-fielding Marv Throneberry booted many a baseball,  and every ball hit at him at first base was an adventure.  During a birthday party, Stengel sliced the cake and doled out slices to everyone but Throneberry.  “What about me,” the first baseman asked.  “We wuz gonna give you a piece,” the manager replied, “but we wuz afraid you’d drop it.”  The Mets, by the way, lost their very first game to the St. Louis Cardinals, 11-4.  Curt Flood and Stan Musial were on that Cardinal team.

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