The Law Firm on Balltown Road is Now Called Higgins, Roberts & Suprunowicz

The Law Firm of Higgins, Roberts, Bereyl & Coan P.C., which has been located on Balltown Road in Niskayuna for many years,  is now called Higgins, Roberts & Suprunowicz.  Mike Suprunowicz, who has worked for the law firm since 1980, has been added to the law firm’s name.  I remember Mike as a basketball star at Linton High School back in the 1970s.  He comes from a long line of hoopers from the Suprunowicz family, and all were very good.  Mike was a pure shooter. He had a deadly jumpshot from the perimeter and great rotation on the basketball.  He was fundamentally sound, and simply knew how to play the game.  A little underrated, he was one of the best all-around guards ever produced by Linton.  His senior year, Mike led the small but efficient Blue Devils in scoring, and they beat Jim Town-led Glens Falls for the sectional crown.

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